Professional Equine Physiotherapy

Treating a range of problems and conditions both in horses and dogs. Suitable for a range of disciplines.

About me

Born into a family of racehorse trainers I have ridden and cared for horses since I could sit up. As an experienced show jumper and racer I have many years of experience working with horses involved in all disciplines.

I am enthusiastic, knowledgable and motivated by providing the best possible service to both my clients and their horses. Get in touch for a truly honest, straight talking and transparent service.

what i do

I work closely with veterinarians and individuals from multiple professions to provide a range of holistic therapies suitable for all disciplines. Drawing on qualifications including clinical reflexology, clinical aromatherapy and sports injury therapy, I am able to tailor specific programmes to target injury recovery, basic horse education, core strength development, rehab/recovery and event preparation. All with the aim of promoting the longevity and well being of your horse.

“The most amazing and constantly effective healing work that i have ever learnt”
 Dr Joseph Mercola 

how can i help?

Please feel free to contact me with questions, clinic dates and/or to arrange your own clinic.