What I Do

Tailored therapies for all disciplines

I believe the horse needs to be treated as a whole and therefore regardless of symptoms I work on all of the bodies system and over the entire body. We work where the horse is most at ease and utilise a holistic approach consisting of clinical reflexology, clinical aromatherapy and sports injury therapy depending on the situation.

We rarely work in isolation and often work closely with veterinarians and individuals from multiple professions to provide an effective programme that ensures rehab, recovery, well being and longevity.

We care for horses from the most athletic sports performers to aftercare treatment due to an operation.

initial steps

All of our therapies start with a comprehensive consultation to understand you and your horse much better. We’ll want to know more about past history, current systems and any existing treatment plans. We ask these questions so that we can get to the root of the cause rather than just treating symptoms.

From here we can recommend and carry out a treatment plan that is specific to your circumstances. This will take into account where your horse is comfortable, minimising any risks, any priority areas and your needs too.


available services

Basic education – We often work with young horses to teach a basic education. This can involve pilates, coordination building and generally provides a foundation to prepare the horse for future.

Recovery from injury – Strains, pulls, arthritis and training injuries require consistent treatment to ensure recovery is swift and leaves no remaining discomfort behind.

Preparation for a change in disciplines – There are many considerations to take into account when preparing a horse to move to a different disciplines. Our programmes take into account building specific muscle groups to minimise risk of injury through training.

Preventative measures – Regular checkups can improve your pet’s well being, minimise the risk of future injury, promote longevity and make the body work efficiently with minimal effort, making them more comfortable.


We also provide a comprehensive consultancy service whereby we regularly help riders and their horses through numerous issues.

We can provide helpful information around bits, riding/riders issues (e.g. riding positions relating to injury of the rider) as well as a liaison service with complementary professionals.

Neuro Structural Integration Technique (NST)

The neuro structural integration technique is the worlds leading technique in spinal and structural therapy for long term pain removal. Working on a comprehensive array of structural and/or health problems.

This Technique is the advanced form of Bowen. Michael J Nixon Livy developed Tom Bowen’s work into what we now know as NST. The success rate is incredible. This technique is equally effective on humans. It is important for both rider and horse to be balanced with their bodies working to their full potential, creating a more compelling successful combination.

How it works:

NST uses a specific technique that triggers the bodies natural process of self-correction, primarily in the spinal column balancing the systems of the body.


Each session is around 45 minutes long depending on the specific problem or condition being treated. The first session is always slightly longer due to the first consultation. During the session the horse is able to rest to allow the treatment to respond to the body. Substantial relief from uncomfortable symptoms can be experienced within the first session, long term relief is more successful after subsequent treatments. Each case is given home care advise for the after treatment.

Conditions that respond well include:

  • Muscle strain/sprain.
  • Inflexibility through performance/Flexion.
  • Unbalanced/uncoordinated- diagonals.
  • Uneven muscle development- right/left more developed than opposing.
  • Tightness.
  • Cold/Sore back.
  • Muscle atrophy- set fast.
  • Poor immune/lymphatic system.
  • Aiding faster recovery after competition-after a racer.

Yard discount

If your horse requires regular visits for treatment, checkups or education, we provide a regular discount. Please get in touch for more information.

how can i help?

Please feel free to contact me with questions, clinic dates and/or to arrange your own clinic.